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Some say only the super rich can save us. If they did, that would be super - but it'd also be pretty "rich".

Now, rich is a relative term, and while, above, it is used to indicate monetary wealth and "incredulousness", there are other (an infinite number, in fact, due to that beauty, "taste") forms of "rich" still unmentioned.

You've heard the old maxim that "time is money". This maxim is true, relatively - as are all general truths.

If, for example, 2% of the population controlled 98% of the money, and 98% of the population had 98% of time, we could apply a little bit of high school math, in this case, the concept of commutation, and we see that it is not the super rich who can save us but it is, miracle of miracles, we, who are, in reality, the super rich.

Consequentia Mirabilis!

Welcome, Entrepreneur:

Now, what you may think, rightly, is that the degree of freedom which we have over our own time is correlated almost exactly in most instances (though it need not necessarily be) with the relative degree of money wealth, and this would be true, and is true, relatively, in many instances, but in reality, it is only a relationship.

What you may not think, right away, is that, because of, and to the extent that, this relationship is reality, that time, when invested, yields a return consisting, primarily, of two major components: happiness and hope.

Happiness we each measure dependently/independently, and, we find that happiness and independence are related, in fact, so closely do they travel together, so tight is the waveform, that they are, practically, one entity.

Now, happiness is our personal valuation of our present states of being - and hope is the projected valuation, and these two values are, as well, correlated so tightly that, they, too, are, practically, indistinguishable.

This puts us in the hilarious position of having to look not to others, but to ourselves, for our own savings.

Now, me, I'm thinking I might like to live in a world where people have increasing amounts of time, to invest. There is nothing at all new in this idea, except in the potential scope of its application, given innovations.

Thusly, we arrive at Peer to Peer Venture Capital, where those who wish to spend time creatively are rewarded, and where time may also be spent creatively, by awarding others the dependent/independence to reward you back.

Now, what I wait on is for an entity to appear which understands the above principles, at the principal level.

So, after having invested a bit of time in stating the above, I now have hope that the above may be made real. Perhaps this is only a dream - but the links provided below will lead you toward some interesting new reality.

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss - but different, and, potentially, at least, just a slight bit better.

It is ... about time.

Anyone can seek funding for their business venture, online, directly from the public.

Anyone can invest in loans to existing ventures they select, online, and be the bank.

Anyone can invest in the seed funding of ventures they select, online, and be a VC.

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